How to Make the Smart Self-storage Move-in

Published on 8/24/2023

Use Your Space Wisely.

Start small, and pack it tight. the Bigger the space, the more money you'll spend. You can always upgrade in the future.

Gather Materials Necessary.

Before getting into your Unit, try to get as many boxes that you think you’ll need.  Try getting boxes similar in sizes for easy stack ability and utilizing the space efficiently.

Cushion Fragile Items

Pay close attention to how and where you pack the fragile items you may have. Cover the exposed areas, keep thinner areas extra padded/ protected. Try to keep these boxes towards the top and not stack other boxes on top.

Take Inventory

During the storing process, it can get difficult to recall what and where you decide to store certain items. Create an inventory list of everything that you're planning on storing. 

Make a Map

You most likely will not be in and out of your unit on a daily basis. Once you've finished setting up an organized unit, create a space map that outlines where everything is located. Helping to find things quick and easy if need be.

Pack for Access

An experienced packer knows  how to organize, yet leave access for themselves.  Try to keep a "capital I" shaped isle space though the unit.  keeping bigger things less likely to be used or needed towards the back. Just keeps the moving around stress free !!