What to Store and Note to Store

Disclaimer: Items listed below that can and cannot be stored are not limited to listed items. If you have doubt about storing an item, contact management prior to storing.

What You Can Store

Holiday decoration


Books & Magazines

Free-standing Shelving




Collections & Antiques

Physical Media

Sports equipment



Washers / Dryers

What you can’t Store...or do

Flammable or combustible

Hazardous materials

Food, beverages, water or any items that attract bugs/rodents

Living things (e.g., plants, animals, humans)

Wet items

Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs

Stolen Goods, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco

Non-operating, Unregistered, and Uninsured Vehicles

Cannot be used for living, sleeping or loitering

Cannot litter inside storage facility

Storage unit cannot be used for workshop, solicitation or to conduct business out of

Anything in violation of Federal Laws, State Laws and/or City Ordinances

Make a Smart Downtown Storage Unit Move-in

Use Your Space Wisely.

Start small, and pack it tight. the Bigger the space, the more money you'll spend. You can always upgrade in the future.

Gather Materials Necessary.

Before getting into your Unit, try to get as many boxes that you think you’ll need.  Try getting boxes similar in sizes for easy stack ability and utilizing the space efficiently.

Cushion Fragile Items

Pay close attention to how and where you pack the fragile items you may have. Cover the exposed areas, keep thinner areas extra padded/ protected. Try to keep these boxes towards the top and not stack other boxes on top.

Take Inventory

During the storing process, it can get difficult to recall what and where you decide to store certain items. Create an inventory list of everything that you're planning on storing.  

Make a Map

You most likely will not be in and out of your unit on a daily basis. Once you've finished setting up an organized unit, create a space map that outlines where everything is located. Helping to find things quick and easy if need be.

Reserve to Rent Now!

Pack for Access

An experienced packer knows  how to organize, yet leave access for themselves.  Try to keep a "capital I" shaped isle space though the unit.  keeping bigger things less likely to be used or needed towards the back. Just keeps the moving around stress free !!

Great Reasons to Rent in Downtown Storage


Renting a storage unit in Downtown Storage Rolla makes perfect sense when you plan to downsize when you move to a smaller living space. Or, just when the number of items you have collected exceeds your home's storage capacity and you want to retain those cherished items.  

Marriage or Partnership

Put Downtown StorageRolla in your Marriage or Partnership plans when you know that the combined household items will exceed your living space...and you want these items to always be accessible out of necessity or as memorable, cherished keepsakes.  

Multi-Generational Family Move-in

Today, there is an increased trend in multi-generational households. Storing additional belongings and furniture in a Downtown Storage Rolla unit is the perfect solution when a returning child or aging parent joins your family.

Self-Storage for Students

When your Missouri S&T University living quarter doesn't accommodate all of your goods and you need extra space, a Downtown Storage Rolla storage unit is the perfect size and price-fit for you. Students also find it convenient to rent a unit for interim periods of time such as during or between semesters. 

Extra Business Space

When it is more convenient or more economical to rent a storage unit than to lease additional commercial space, Downtown Storage Rolla offers standard rental space sizes, plus 8ft x 20ft x 20ft units with 20ft ceiling height that provides twice the cubic feet of rental area. An ideal solution for businesses and organizations.

Remodeling Storage

When you are planning a remodeling or renovation project done to your home or business that requires the clearing of space to perform the update, planning to move household or business goods to Downtown Storage Rolla before hand will make the pre-construction move an easy, economical, time-sensitive thing to do.